Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter Wedding

Last month I was asked to be a part of a styled wedding shoot with a darling pair of photographers Jaylee Photography at a new Seattle venue, Within Sodo. It was new to me to not be doing the entire shoot, as in the concept/design, decor/details and the styling but Ali did such an amazing job! And, it was actually really nice to just focus on the desserts! See more of this incredible winter wedding shoot on Seattle Bride!







  1. Hello! I just discovered (and immediately fell in love with) your blog. I write a blog as well, about cooking for kids and one of the moms I recently interviewed told me her daughter's gorgeous 8th birthday party was inspired by things she saw on Jenny Cookies. Here's the link to their party, with photos...

    Can't wait to see what you post next. Everything is so beautiful.

    Best, Charity

  2. I LOVE brownie pops - I want to try red velvet ones! By the way, these photos are beautiful!

  3. What a lovely tablescape! I'm sure your baked goods taste as good as your table design.